60 km Ultra Challenge Course details:

Tidal River to Telegraph Saddle Car Park 4.4 km  
Telegraph Saddle Car Park to Sealers Cove 9.5 km water/toilets
Sealers Cove to Refuge Cove 6.4 km water/toilets
Refuge Cove to Little Waterloo Bay 7.0 km water/toilets
Little Waterloo bay to Lighthouse 10.2 km  
Lighthouse to Roaring Meg 6.5 km  
Roaring Meg to Telegraph track junction (via walking track) 6.0 km Checkpoint
Telegraph Track Junction to Oberon Bay 3.4 km water/toilets
Oberon Bay to Tidal River (Norman Bay Car park) 7.0 km Checkpoint
Total distance (approximate) 60.4 km



Elevation Profile

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The Strava activity can be viewed here courtesy of Siqi Wu.