What is Running Wild all about?

How does it differ from other running websites organisations?

At Running Wild we focus on three things: great runs, great places, great people.

We believe that the essence of a great run lays in the combination of location, scenery, terrain and course structure—it’s the bringing all of these components together that make a great run. Luckily the ultra community is made up of great people, people who want to experience the magic of our national parks, who are willing to support and share information with people new to the sport and to share a story and their experiences after a run.

That’s the difference: it’s building friendships, it’s about sharing and caring for your fellow runners, and i’ts about having fun, well most of the time anyway—after you have finished a demanding run!

We have put together a series of spectacular runs in some of Victoria’s best national parks. We do not run “races” as such, we are about the running experience, enjoying the country, supporting other runners, experiencing what nature has to offer—weather, terrain and your ability to push yourself and get to know your body and your limits, and, the social experience.

That is what running and Running Wild is all about, however if you want to run fast and race, that’s fine too.

Our aim is to help people enjoy the outdoors, and develop through new experiences. Our program offers a series of runs that hopefully will appeal to all categories of runners across a range of stunning Coastal and Mountain trails. Within these areas you will find a range of runs that cater for the new trail runner wanting introductory level runs—from 5 – 22 km, to those wanting to participate in tougher and more challenging events with distances ranging from 32 – 160 km, to our Larapinta Trail Expedition Runs—a multi-day running experience in small groups in the remote and wild Outback of Central Australia—200 km. We have also added a couple of shorter 1-4 km distances which have proved a great success with kids.

And the anomaly run—the only non trail run, but one that I could not put off offering any longer—The Great Alpine Road Marathon and Half marathon. Awesome scenery, fantastic hills and a fast road—a bottler!

We are also about putting back into the community and supporting those who help us, as such we have partnered with Alpine Search and Rescue and work to raise funds for them through the Alpine Challenge and Mount Buller Skyrun, to support their important work. We are also looking to support Marriott Support Services through the Kilcunda Half Marathon.

We look forward to meeting you at some of our events and sharing some of Australia’s best runs.