Mt Baw Baw Trail Fest - Reports

Well what a fantastic weekend—so many great runs and records broken and we were lucky with the weather. On Sunday, the rain came down after the finish of the 1/4 km events and Monday was cold and windy—I know as I was scoping out a new 34 km run for next year—Gortex jacket, beanie and gloves—brrrr.

Whilst the adults flew down the trails, to me the highlight was the kids 1 km run on Sunday when 5 year old Gustav Kift came flying across the finish line in 7.53 minutes, you should have seen his dad’s face—I think Ed was the proudest, most excited father in the world, and he was just waiting to download all the details to Gustav’s own Strava account. Second place went to our youngest runner ever, Ryder who at 19 months finished the 1 km course in 15 minutes (possibly with some support from mum and granny), he ran across the finish line to claim his Freddo Frog!

It was great to see so many people taking part in the longer runs on the Saturday and Sunday and coming back tired but feeling fulfilled from a day out in some amazing country.

Shane Winzar smashed the 42 km course in 4.44.41 and was quickly followed to the finish by Andrew Downie in 4.51.17 and Mike Cardiff in 4.52.58.

In the womens 42 km Megan Butler finished in 5.17.39, followed by Melissa Urie in 6.54.56 and Rhonda Gale in 7.17.20, a superb effort in finishing as Rhonda was out on the course longer than anyone else and had to contend with warm sunny conditions.

In the 21 km, Patrick O’Driscoll thrashed the course in a time of 2.01.47 to take 1st M whilst Megan Brown took out the ladies’ in 2.40.45.

In the 15 km Erchana Murray-Bartlett finished in an amazing 1.21.21 and was followed in the men’s by Evan Johnstone in 1.31.39.

Sunday saw the 7 and 4 km races with Vincent Rabl taking out the men’s 7 km in 40.29 and Megan Brown backing up her 21 km win to take out the ladies’ 7 km in 45.39.

In the 4 km it was a family affair with a very cool Oliver Reeves winning in 25.38 and Aninta Deed taking the ladies’ in 29.28. All the other 4 km places were taken by members of the Deed and Dubelaar families.

Full results are available on the results page.

Thanks to our volunteers, Baw Baw Ski Patrol and Baw Baw Resort Management who all helped out in making this a great weekend. And a special vote of thanks to Karen—our photographer who struggled around the course with a sprained ankle!! If you would like some great photos from Baw Baw Trail Run Festival they can be purchased from

Hold the date for next year—Baw Baw Trail Fest—3–4 March 2018 including the new 34 km course to Erica Car Park via Mushroom Rocks—a stunning and fast run.