Mandatory safety equipment for the 1/4/7 km runners

Due to Covid 19 all participants over the age of 12 must, wear a fitted face mask for the first 100 m of the run and on approach to the finish line.

All participants in the 1/4/7 km run must, due to the possibility of adverse weather conditions in the Alps, be prepared to carry the following safety clothing:

  • Beanie/gloves
  • Waterproof and windproof jacket

All runners in the 15/21/36/44 km must carry with them as a minimum the prescribed safety equipment. The reason for this is if someone were to injure themselves out on the trail, they will need to either walk out or wait a couple of hours for medical assistance.

Given the area is subject to sudden changes in weather and the possibility of an injured person rapidly losing core body temperature or going into shock, these items are considered the minimum safety requirements irrespective of the weather.

Mandatory safety equipment for the 15/21/36/44 km runners

All participants must provide and carry with them the following minimum safety equipment. X means you must have it, O is Optional

Mandatory Items15 km21 km36 km44 km
Face mask and hand sanitiser X X  X  X
Minimum of 500 ml of water (better still 1 litre if it's hot) X X    
Minimum of 1 litre of water (better still 2 litres if it's hot)     X X
Waterproof and windproof jacket and pants with hood X X X X
Waterproof map of the area (can be printed off the website) X X X X
Pressure Snake Bandage (see article X X X X
Emergency space blanket/bag     X X
Personal first aid requirements, bandaids, antiseptic, painkillers etc O O X X
Compass or GPS (can be in your watch or smartphone) X X X X
Whistle X X X X
Mobile phone (Telstra provides the best coverage) and/or PLB X X X X
Food—for the run and emergency food if lost O X X X
Lighter or waterproof matches     X X
Spare long sleeved thermal top O X X X
Beanie or buff/sun hat/gloves O O X X
Sunscreen 30+ O O O O


Snake Bite - Mandatory Safety Equipment —make sure you read this, it is very important!

Any runner in the 15/21/36/44 km events who withdraws or is unable to complete the run back to Mt Baw Baw Village by 3:00 P.M. on the Saturday, MUST attempt to contact the event director by mobile phone (0418 136 070) and advise of their status. If you have only one bar showing on your phone for signal strength—send an SMS message.

No Gear = No Start