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I know Matt and I tell you how much we love your events, but I thought I would actually put it in writing!!
The Mt Buller Skyrun was no exception to all your previous events; incredibly well organised, wonderfully supported by fabulous volunteers, and importantly, true to its word in being physically challenging but oh so worth it!!!!!
To be able to stand atop some of Victorias highest peaks, and be able to share these experiences with like minded people is what draws Matt and I back to all of your events. The people as well as the wilderness, make your runs the best going around without a doubt. So thank you for your passion and willingness to continue to run these events so all of us who have a wacky idea of fun can continue to run in these amazing areas.
See you at the Razorback!!!!
Mt Buller SkyRun—April 2019

I was fortunate enough to run the 22km race on Sunday.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a wonderful event. It was my first time running it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Everyone was so friendly and I felt a great atmosphere for the entire event. I was also one of the people who called you when I got lost (entirely my fault). Your quick instructions got me straight back on course without a loss of too much time. So thanks so much for that. I’ll be back again next year and hope to improve on my time, fitness and directions!
Mt Buller SkyRun—April 2019

Join in the 12th running of one of Victoria’s classic alpine runs, now with 4 distances – 45/36/22/5 km covering superb scenery taking in the beautiful Delatite River, the historic Klingsporn Track, majestic Mt Buller, Mt Stirling and the historic Craig’s Hut.

Take in views across to some of Victoria’s great alpine scenery, the Crosscut Saw, Mt Speculation, Mt Buggery, Hells Window and Mt Magdala. Set in the heart of Victoria’s high country the Santa's Run—Mt Buller is one of the most amazing high altitude runs that Australia has to offer. Enjoy the run for itself or use it as a training for Oscars Hut to Hut—familiarise yourself with parts of the course and train on the the technical trails.

Santa's Run—Mt Buller 45 km Course details:

Mt Buller Village to Mt Stirling summit via Howqua Gap 8.9 km
Mt Stirling to Craigs Hut—return to summit via Clear Hills Track 8.8 km
Mt Stirling to Mirimbah via River Spur and Delatite River Trail 15.1 km
Mirambah Carpark to Mt Buller Summit via Klingsporn Bridle Track 10.3 km
Mt Buller Summit to Village Square 2.0 km
Total distance (approximate) 45.1 km

Stirling Sprint 36 km Course details:

As for the Mt Buller Skyrun but the run doesn’t go to Craig’s Hut.

Mt Buller Ridge Run 22 km course details:

Mt Buller Village to Mt Stirling summit via Howqua Gap 8.9 km
Mt Stirling to Buller Summit 10.6 km
Summit to Village Square 2.4 km
Total distance (approximate) 21.9 km

The Elfs Nature Trail 5 km Course details:

Village Square to Mt Buller via Northside Express, then Summit to Village Square.

Course Markings: The 5/22 km courses are marked with flags. The 36/45 km courses are marked up to Mt Stirling and again from the top of Klingsporn Track to the Village Square.

Age Limit: The minimum age for an entrant is 5 years old unless agreed in advance with the Race Director.

Support: Santa's Run—Mt Buller is a supported run with aid stations. Runners are responsible for their own safety and assume liability for their participation. Participants must offer assistance, if required to other runners in distress and must give way to walkers.

Support is available at the start/finish at Mt Buller Village, Mt Stirling and Mirimbah Park. Cups are not provided.

NB: The runs cover arduous terrain in remote areas and is exposed to sudden and severe changes in weather.

Water is available from rivers and huts along the course – it is recommended that you treat all water.

Runners times will be recorded at the start/finish in the Village Square. Runners must check in at checkpoints at Mount Stirling and Mirimbah Park as a safety check.

Weather Conditions/Experience: The run takes place in an exposed Alpine environment that can be subject to sudden and severe changes in weather. Rain, fog, high winds, sleet and snow as well as hot sunny days can occur during December. Hypothermia, heat exhaustion and dehydration are all potential and serious risks and runners should be prepared for any weather conditions.

The 36 and 45 km runs should only be attempted by experienced trail runners with good navigation experience. As a minimum, runners attempting the 45 km course must have successfully completed at least one 30 km organised trail run in the previous 12 months.

The 22 km run is on a marked course and is open to competent runners.

The 5 km is on a marked course and can be undertaken as a run/walk, there is a 2 hour cut off.

General Information

Medical Evacuation: Given the nature of the terrain and the distance from the closest hospital you should join Ambulance Victoria. Medical evacuations are at participants' cost.

Contact (Ph: 1800 648 484)

Entry Restrictions: The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to the event if that person is ill equipped or unfit for the event or considered a safety risk.

Track Etiquette: Mt Buller/Mt Stirling is a major recreational walking/mountain biking area, runners are requested to show consideration to other track users and be aware of downhill mountain bike riders and 4WD’s.

Travel: Mount Buller is approximately 3.0 hours drive from Melbourne.

Volunteers: Support from volunteers at a couple of critical junctions would be of great assistance.

Course Description: Refer map and notes above. Additional information is available at the pre run briefing.