Entries for Alpine Challenge April 2021 are now open.

NB—Early Bird entries close 02 February 2021. Due to current/future Covid restrictions on numbers we are unable currently to guarantee entry. Entry will be confirmed based on date of entry, early entries get priority.

Until we know the goverment's final position—and April is a long way away we are unable to confirm if pacers or support crew will be permitted. At this stage please work on the basis that they will be.

Sorry, it's all very confusing at the present.

Early Bird Entry

DistanceEarly Bird Entry
  ex GST inc GST inc GST + booking fee
10 km solo $40 $44 $47.64
16 km solo $70 $77 $82.62
25 km solo $90 $99 $104.94
42 km solo $120 $132 $141.58
42 km team $110 $121 $129.87
60 km solo $175 $192.50 $206.01
60 km team $160 $176 $188.44
100/160 km $295 $324.50 $346.59
160 km Pacers $30 $33 $36


per person applies for all entries received 01 October 2020–02 February 2021.

Standard entry fee

DistanceStandard Entry
  ex GST inc GST inc GST + booking fee
10 km solo $50 $55 $59.30
16 km solo $80 $88 $94.28
25 km solo $100 $110 $117.60
42 km solo $150 $165 $176.73
42 km team $150 $165 $176.73
60 km solo $195 $214.50 $229.44
60 km team $180 $198 $211.87
100/160 km $330 $363 $387.60
160 km Pacers $30 $33 $36


per person applies for all entries received 03 February–21 March 2021.

Late entry fee

DistanceLate Entry
  ex GST inc GST inc GST + booking fee
10 km solo $80 $88 $94.28
16 km solo $110 $121 $129.26
25 km solo $150 $165 $175.90
42 km solo $250 $275 $293.88
42 km team $200 $220 $235.30
60 km solo $300 $330 $352.45
60 km team $250 $275 $293.88
100/160 km $450 $495 $528.18
160 km Pacers $40 $44 $47


Per person applies for entries received between 22 March – 05 April 2021 or earlier if sold out.

Prices for 100/160km are the same for solo runners and each member in a team.

Entries received after 15 February are not guaranteed of receiving all materials listed in inclusions (hat/merchandise).

No entries will be accepted after midnight 05 April.

You will receive a confirmation email once you have entered and updates will be emailed to you closer to the start of the event.

On average 15% of entrants to the Alpine Challenge cancel due to injury or other reasons prior to the start of the event. We recommend taking out the Active Online Cancellation Insurance at the time of registration—this will cover you in the case of injury or some other events.

Cost Inclusions

Entrants will receive

  1. Every finisher receives a medallion and running hat
  2. An official Running Wild/Alpine Challenge merchandise item
  3. Race bib
  4. Emergency Heat Pack 100/160 km runners only
  5. Public liability insurance cover
  6. Entrants in the 100/160 km event are provided with a Personal Location Beacon or similar (1 per solo runner/team for the duration of the event)
  7. Pacers are covered by event public liability insurance and receive a "Pacer" bib

Cancellation Policy

During the Covid-19 pandemic the following change has been implemented in relation to cancellation conditions.

If during the Covid pandemic the event is cancelled as a result of

  1. restrictions imposed by government or
  2. entrants being unable to attend the event due to government restrictions,

participants will be offered the opportunity to

  1. transfer to another date for the event at no extra cost or
  2. cancel and incur a $25 admin/cancellation fee

Cancellations for any other reason will attract the standard cancellation fees as set out below.

  1. Cancellation/Refunds

    Please note that due to the Covid-19 impact on events we are amending our cancellation policy and will only charge $25 cancellation fee for the Alpine Challenge up until 28 February 2021. Normal cancellation charges as published below apply after this date.

    Cancellations after February 28th until 5th April, 2021 will only be accepted with an accompanying doctor’s certificate, in which case the entrant will be refunded as follows:

    • 100 km/100 mile—$100 AUD
    • 60 km—$60 AUD
    • 16/25/42 km—$20 AUD
    • 10 km—$10 AUD

    No refunds are available for cancellations received after 05 April unless the event is cancelled due to Covid restrictions. We recommend cancellation insurance.

  2. Cancellation/Termination by Cashton Group trading as Running Wild

    Running Wild may terminate the contract either before or after the event starts, subject to the following conditions:

    1. Adverse weather conditions which threaten the safety of participants or on the advice of Parks Victoria or authorised government emergency services personnel.
    2. Breach of rules and/or regulations and instructions by the participant that he/she was informed about prior or during the event.
    3. Failure by participant to observe instructions by the event management.
    4. If the participant disturbs materially the fulfillment of the contract in any other way or his/her behaviour is not in conformity with the contract in such a way that an immediate termination of the contract becomes justified.
  3. Cancellation of the Event/No Show

    If the event is cancelled because of circumstances of force majeure, the participant will not be entitled to any reimbursement of the entry fee and compensation of other losses, such as travelling or accommodation expenses. All claims will be forfeited for no shows.

  4. Services Not Utilised

    If the participant gives up during the event due to illness, injury or any other reason not attributed to the organiser, does not take part in individual stages or utilise services, the participant shall not be entitled to any proportional refunding of the entry fee concerned.

  5. Acceptance of registration

    The event organisers reserve the right to accept or reject any application to participate in the event. The organisers decision will be final.


Running Wild wishes to acknowledge the contributions of its sponsors and supporters. Without their assistance this event would not be possible.


To book your accommodation at Falls Creek, visit:


We encourage you to support the following accommodation venues that support Alpine Challenge:

QT Falls Creek – 03 5732 8000 – located at the start

Cedarwood Appartments – 03 5758 3393 – 5 minutes from the start

Frueauf Village – 1300 300 709 – 5 minutes from the start

Other accommodation is located outside of Falls Creek at Howman’s Gap YMCA. Participants are responsible for organising and paying for their own accommodation.

Please say you are in the Alpine Challenge when booking.