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Razorback 85km

85 km course notes

Hells Cauldron - The Anvil where runners are forged or broken.

The Anvil is an 85 km (approx) ultra, taking in some previously un-run trails – notably Machinery Spur, North West Spur to the summit of Mt Feathertop and Golden Point Spur to Spargos Hut.

It offers breathtaking scenery including: Mount Hotham, Swindlers Spur (descent), Diamantina Spur (ascent),  Harrietville, NW Spur (ascent), Mount Feathertop, Diamantina Spur (descent) and Machinery Spur (ascent). It will pass by a number of historic huts of the high country including: Derricks Hut, Dibbins Hut,  MUMC Hut, Red Robin Battery and Mine and Spargos Hut.

The Anvil run is unique in that it encompasses:

  • A Vertical K ascent of NW Spur
  • A double D ascent and descent of Diamantina Spur
  • An ascent of Machinery Spur
  • A descent of Golden Point Spur
  • A crossing of Swindlers creek via Spargos Hut

The Course (distances are approximate)

Section Distance
Harrietville Caravan Park - Stony Creek Road - MUMC Hut - Mt Feathertop 15.6 km
Mt Feathertop Summit - Diamantina Spur - Kiewa River Road 7.0 km
Kiewa River Road - Pole 84 AAWT via Machinery Spur 11.6 km
Pole 84 - Spargos Hut - The General Store (via Edelweiss Tk) - Mt Higginbottom - Loch Car Park 9.0 km
Loch Car Park - Dibbins Hut (via Swindlers Spur) - Red Robbin Battery - Diamantina Spur 13.3 km
Diamantina Spur - Razorback - Diamantina Hut 12.2 km
Diamantina Hut - Bon Accord Spur - Harrietville Caravan Park 16.0 km
Total estimated distance (+/- 10%) 85.0 km
Elevation gain/fall - approx 4,800 m

Elevation Profile





To download the pdf file, click here.

NB: This is an unmarked course, distances and elevations are approximate.
No GPX or Strava files are provided – this is an old school map and compass run.
To maintain the integrity of the run, participants must not share/post GPX/Strava or any other electronic files online, via social media, blogs or in any form.